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we present "Cirque Des Cascades" as part of the Bay Fiesta
1st Dec 22 - 1st Jan 23

Fantastic festive full-on family fun for Singapore this December.

Prepare to be entertained like you have never been entertained before as GANDEYS CIRQUE DE CASCADE takes you on a spectacular journey of thrills, laughter, excitement and elegant glamour. You will be close up to the live action as it happens right in front of your eyes - the gravity-defying motorbikes in the steel caged Thunderdome......the death-defying skills of the cross-bow archers who become human targets...the breath-stopping high-wire routines performed high above the ring...the grace and elegance in the perpetual motion of the cyr wheel.....the white-knuckle experience of the springboard acrobats being shot into the air to land on a chair held aloft.....the non-stop action of the powerful Kenyan warrior acrobats....the pulse-racing style and sophistication of the Cloud Swing..... the waves of laughter created by hilarious clowns.....the precision, glamour and  style of Gandeys Six London’s an experience you cannot afford to miss.

Don’t miss the greatest festive fun and thrills – it’s for all the family from December1, 2022 until January 1, 2023

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