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The Great Circus of Europe


All images are for illustrative purposes only. Acts are subject to change. Picture credits: Andrew Payne, Clara Lou Photography, Steph Wass.


"The Greatest Show"

Friday 20 December 2019 - Wednesday 1 January 2020

Bayfront Event Space 

12A Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018970



Like an extreme hamster wheel, two brave artistes perform handstands, jumps, and skips in and around the two suspended arms of the double wheel

Duo Silks

Real-life couple Jacqui and Brandon from Mexico show off a breathtaking series of climbs, drops, aerial holds and poses, hanging from the silks, in this 'aerial ballet'

Europe's Only Female Clown

Europe's only female clown Andreea provides fits of giggles with her off-the-wall comedy routines filled with attitude

CASting Poles

One fearless acrobat hangs upside down from a frame and swings the other who executes a series of twists, somersaults and unbelievable maneuvers

Aerial Straps

The aerial straps set the scene for a daring routine of slides, drops and climbs, performed high in the big top 


Travelling round-and-round at insanely high speeds on a small platform, the roller skating duo perform hand-to-hand acrobatics and even a heart-stopping 'neck-spin'


A troupe of African acrobats create seemingly impossible human pyramids and shapes, and limbo under a flaming pole

Globe of Death

The Gerlings present this nail-biting act, with up to seven motorbikes roaring around an iron thunderdome, a.k.a. the 'Globe of Death' in the centre of the ring, reaching speeds of 45mph


Amiri the Tanzanian Prince, a.k.a. 'Mr Bendy Man', contorts into eye-watering poses that simply have to be seen to be believed

Flying Saddles

The all-new act Gandeys Flying Saddles will be galloping into the big top - with acrobatics inspired by equestrian riding tricks


Fourth generation of the Gandey family Hayley leads the action inside the big top


This year's production is full of the West End-style dance and musical production numbers our audiences love and that Gandeys is famed for!