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Big Top tent Al Ain

Hong Kong - AIA Carnival

AIA Carnival hosts The Great Circus of Europe for the most spectacular Big Top show in the city. We work closely with our sponsor UBS to create a place full of high quality, artistic entertainment that makes the audience ecstatic. 

Qatar - Doha Fifa World Cup 

The Great Circus of Europe, hosted by Lusail Winter Wonderland, during the Fifa World Cup period in 2022/23. With extreme thrills as motor bikes roar around the Thunder Dome, electrifying high wire and many more award winning acts. The Great Circus of Europe also provided outdoor entertainment including parades and outdoor performances.

Circus in Qatar Doha
Circus in Al Ain

UAE - Al Ain

The Great Circus of Europe featured in Al Ain situated next to HBZ stadium, a spectacular one hour show. A cast of 23 carefully chosen to suit the clients requirements, headlining The Shaolin warriors direct from the Chinese State Circus, From Indian the sensational Mallakhamb pole, dare devil stunts from the Gerlings and much more entertainment.


Gandeys Cirque De Cascade is a spectacular show which takes you on a phenomenal journey of thrills, laughter, excitement and elegant glamour. A show full of live action and breathe-taking acts from around the world

Circus in Singapore
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